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Message from our Founder & CEO of Parole Ready:

In 2020, I was given a 15 year sentence and with exhausting the little help I had left my mom helped me with a lawyer and got it reduced to 5 years where I then signed to go to the big house. I end up working on the parole board area. I watched hundreds if not thousands of people come up for parole every nine months and a lot were hiring parole lawyers. I’d intensely watch the process and come to realize you don’t need a parole lawyer in 90% of the cases, you had to convince the lead voter you were rehabilitated through programs and have reference letters and a discharge plan. It’s taken me nearly two years and quitting a 100k job to organize into the nation’s largest parole packet business. In this time I’ve developed relationships with all parole officers in every region. Parole Ready does much more then organize your parole packet. It’s what we offer to inmates upon release. Once we are hired for $500, which we can finance over a 5 month period, we will call your references and write out the letters, we will come up with your discharge plan, receive your remorse letter and type it out. We have a relapse prevention plan. I have developed relationships with 42 sober living houses, tons of halfway houses and over 60 rehabs. I’ve also been granted scholarships. We will be giving scholarships to 5 woman and to 5 men every month for our services for free. I also work with companies that are 2nd and 3rd chances that hire inmates. We will guide you to free pale grants, insurance, snap cards and different organizations for financial aid.

We will guarantee your packet gets to the lead voter and stay in touch with your family as questions arise. We receive many inquiries and tons of traffic however, we will be in touch with you the same day. My team has been vetted and picked for either credentials or personal experience being incarcerated. I also work with a handful of lawyers, in case parole doesn’t seem to be an option the first few go arounds. These lawyers would be highly discounted.  I have devoted my life to service work and recently received my LCDC level 1 and currently in school with 9 months left for an addiction specialist certificate. Books changed my life and Parole Ready is always reaching out to donate to prison libraries. We have also aligned ourselves with almost all prison reform groups and advocacy programs.

Thanks for choosing Parole Ready and we look forward to getting your loved ones home!